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Announcing Custom Product Tabs Pro!

YIKES has a great community of folks using our Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce plugin which allows them to add more tabs to their WooCommerce products. Over the years, we have kept track of the great features users have suggested, and now we are happy to announce the release of Custom Product Tabs Pro!

Custom Product Tabs Pro

We are excited to tell you about the valuable features included in Custom Product Tabs Pro.

The number one request was the ability to add saved custom tabs to multiple products at the same time. We created three ways to accomplish this.

Add Saved Custom Tabs to Multiple Products Easily

1. Global Tabs

Checking the Global Tab checkbox on a saved tab will add that tab to all of your products.

Setting Global Tabs with Custom Product Tabs Pro

2. Category/Tag Tabs

Tabs can be added to products by categories or tags. Start typing the category or tag you want and it will autofill. Any categories or tags selected will now have that tab assigned to it.

3. Bulk Editing

Saved Tabs can also be added to products using the WooCommerce bulk edit feature. To use this feature, check off all of the products you would like to edit at the same time on the products list, choose Edit from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu and click the Apply button.

Bulk Editing

In the bulk editor, you’ll find a Saved Tabs box where you can check off the tabs you want to add to the selected products.

Saved tabs in the Bulk Editor

Saved Tabs Product List

When viewing a saved tab in the admin, you will see a handy list of all the products that tab is assigned to.

list of all products assigned to a saved tab


By default, custom tab content is not included in the WordPress or WooCommerce search. With Custom Product Tabs Pro you can change that using the search settings.

Custom Product Tabs Pro search settings

Tab Titles

Another request we have gotten repeatedly is for users to have the ability to remove the title of the tab from the tab content itself.

WooCommerce Tab Titles

Some people find this redundant, and we have helped them in the forums with CSS or a filter solution. Now with Custom Product Tabs Pro, you can remove them with a click.

Removing Tab content titles


Site licenses include a year of updates and premium support.

  • Single Site License – $29.99
  • 3-5 Site License – $59.99
  • 10 Site License – $119.99

Let us know how you are using the plugin, and as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions!

Check out Custom Product Tabs Pro now!

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