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Integration Settings

Article Last Updated: March 4, 2021

You can add Mailchimp list opt-in checkboxes to various WordPress forms and forms generated by other plugins.

For example, you can add an opt-in checkbox below the standard WordPress comment form to add commenters to a specific mailing list. The checkbox will only appear if the user is not already subscribed to the list.

Go to Easy Forms > Settings

On the right hand side, under Additional Settings click on Integration Settings.

You will find a list of forms you can add opt-in checkboxes to.

When you select a form, a list of options will be revealed.

  • Associated List: Choose the list you want people signed up to if they check off this checkbox.
  • Checkbox Label: Choose the text you want next to the checkbox like “Join our mailing list!”
  • Precheck Checkbox: Choose if you want the checkbox to already be checked.

After you are done editing the options click the Save Changes button.

For additional third-party integrations, please see the Knowledgebase articles on integration usage for plugins that integrate with Easy Forms for Mailchimp by YIKES.