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Form Opt-In Settings

Article Last Updated: March 4, 2021

There are a few options available for when a user submits a form.

On the Edit Mailing List Signup screen click on Opt-in Settings

There you will find the Opt-in Settings.

  • Single or Double Opt-in: Double opt-in requires users to confirm their email address before being added to a list (recommended).
  • Update Existing Subscriber: Choose if an existing subscriber’s info will be updated when they attempt to re-subscribe instead of displaying an “already subscribed” message.
  • Send Update Email: When a user is updating their profile info via a form they are sent a verification email. This prevents people from updating other users’ profiles without permission. To turn this email off, and have profile info updated immediately without email verification, set this to “no.”

After you are done editing the settings, make sure to click the “Update Form” button to save it.