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Popups for Easy Forms for Mailchimp

This add-on to Easy Forms for Mailchimp allows you to load a Mailchimp form to a popup window.

Catch your site visitors’ attention by loading Mailchimp forms in a popup or slide in box. Popup subscription forms are proven to greatly increase subscriber rates. This plugin allows you to define the type of popup and which pages the popups are displayed or not displayed on.

Note: This add-on requires Easy Forms for Mailchimp version 6.3.19 or higher.


Incentives for Easy Forms for Mailchimp

Have an email sent to folks after they join your list with a gift attached. You can set the from name, from email, subject line, email text, and the attachments to the email sent.

Note: This add-on requires Easy Forms for Mailchimp version 6.2.3 or higher.
Note: At the moment, only one webhook can be setup per Mailchimp mailing list. If you have multiple forms linked to the same Mailchimp mailing list, both forms will receive the same set of incentives. To work around this, you have to setup two separate forms linked to two Mailchimp mailing lists. It is also worth noting, that incentives will only work with forms set to double opt-in.

Example Settings for Incentive Email