Change the profile validation messaging

Article Last Updated: May 2, 2016

In version, we added email validation for users who update their Mailchimp profiles via a form. The user clicks to send themselves an email with a link to update their profile. This prevents people from updating other users’ profiles without permission.

The snippet below allows you to change the messaging shown, this is handy for translating forms.

function alter_double_optin_text( $text, $update_link ) {
    $update_link = str_replace( 'click to send yourself an update link', 'Klicken Sie sich ein Update Link zu senden.', $update_link ); 
    return 'So aktualisieren Sie Ihre Mailchimp Profil, bitte ' . $update_link; 
add_filter( 'yikes-easy-mailchimp-update-existing-subscriber-text', 'alter_double_optin_text', 10, 2 );