Upgrading to Version 6 – Changes from Version 5.x

Article Last Updated: November 4, 2015

Version 6 of Easy Forms for Mailchimp is a major update. We completely re-built the plugin from the ground up to iron out some reoccurring bugs and make the plugin better than ever.

However, with great new things comes some change and we have outlined those changes below.


The shortcode format has changed for version 6:

Old shortcode:

[yks-mailchimp-list id="14ef98de42"]

New shortcode:


You will need to update the shortcodes for all of the forms on your website. It is easy to do and should only take a few seconds.

View our articles, Adding Forms to Pages and Posts and Using Shortcodes for step-by-step instructions.


The widgets have been redone as well. You’ll need to re-add your Mailchimp widgets. Go to Adding Forms to Sidebars and other Widgetized Areas for step-by-step instructions.

New Interface

The look and feel of the plugin admin got a complete makeover, which may be confusing at first if you are used to the old one, but it is much cleaner and easier to use.

You can view screen shots of the new plugin interface.

If you need guidance using the new admin, please refer to our Knowledge Base. In it we have step-by-step instructions for everything.

Template Tags

We no longer provide template tags with forms. You can use the do_shortcode function to add a form to a template.


Custom Styles and Templates

We removed custom styles and templates from the free version of the plugin to create an awesome premium add-on that replaces both of these features.

The Form Customizer for Easy Forms for Mailchimp allows you completely customize the look and feel of your forms without needing to know any code. You can also live preview your customizations as it will look on your site before making them live.

Form Validation

In the new version we’ve migrated over to HTML5 form validation to move things forward with web standards. If you’d like to learn more how that is used, read through the following article: HTML5 Form Validation.