Upgrading to Version 6 – Troubleshooting

Article Last Updated: November 4, 2015

We want to help everyone make the transition to the new version of the plugin. Below we will list any submitted issues and solutions as they pop up.

Troubleshooting Issues and Solutions

After updating the plugin I get this message where my forms used to be “This Mailchimp shortcode is now deprecated. Please insert the new shortcode to display this form.

The shortcode format needed to be changed for version 6:

Old shortcode:

[yks-mailchimp-list id="14ef98de42"]

New shortcode:


You will need to update the shortcodes for all of the forms on your website. It is easy to do and should only take a few seconds.

View our articles, Adding Forms to Pages and Posts and Using Shortcodes for step-by-step instructions.

My widgets disappeared.

The widgets have been redone in the new version and you’ll need to re-add your Mailchimp widgets. Go to Adding Forms to Sidebars and other Widgetized Areas for step-by-step instructions.

After updating I get this message: It looks like the forms table is missing. Please de-activate and re-activate the plugin to attempt to create the table.

During the upgrade, a new database table called “forms” should have been created. If this table does not get created all you need to do is go to Plugins, find Easy Forms for Mailchimp and deactivate and reactivate the plugin. That will create the missing table and you’ll be able to complete migration.

When trying to perform the migration it just hangs and does nothing.

If you run into the problems during the migration, try deactivating and reactivating the plugin. This will make sure the new database tables are created and the migration can do its thing.

After I update my shortcode I see this message “An email field is required for all Mailchimp forms. Please add an email field to this form.”

If you see that message go to the form editor for that form and hit Update Form. It should be all good after that.

Where did custom styles go? Where are the templates?

We removed custom styles and templates from the free version of the plugin to create an awesome premium add-on that replaces both of these features.

The Form Customizer for Easy Forms for Mailchimp allows you completely customize the look and feel of your forms without needing to know any code. You can also live preview your customizations as it will look on your site before making them live.

When I attempt to migrate my settings, I get to the migration page and nothing happens.

The migration works by retrieving all of your old settings and forms via AJAX calls, and updating the new values in the database as needed. If for some reason, you have a JavaScript error on your dashboard the migration won’t work as intended. In the event that this happens to you, the fix is quite simple.

Temporarily disable all of the other active plugins on the site. You will also want to temporarily switch themes to a default bundled theme such as Twentyfifteen. Once both steps are complete, you can head back to the migration page and things should work. Once the migration is finished, feel free to switch back your theme and re-activate all previously disabled plugins.

After upgrading, some of the Plugin’s pages are blank, but others work fine.

If you click on pages like Opt-in Forms, Mailing Lists or Account and they are blank, reset the API cache from the settings page. Head into Settings > API Cache and click the delete button to empty the data returned from Mailchimp. Heading back into any of those blank pages should send a request to the API which should re cache in your database.

Oh my gosh, I hate this new version, I just want the old one back!

We really strongly encourage you to try embracing the new one. The codebase is completely updated and much better than the old one.

However, if you really miss the old version, you can uninstall the new one and download and reinstall the old one. Your old data will be lost so you either have to restore from a database backup or set your forms up again.