US Zip Lookup for Easy Forms for MailChimp

Article Last Updated: October 21, 2015

This add-on uses the Google Geocode API find the city and state of a user based on the zip code they enter. It uses the address field built into MailChimp and hides all the addresses fields except “Zip.” When the user enters their zip code, it fills in the city and state info automatically and passes that information to MailChimp. The plugin will take effect on all forms with an ‘Address’ field assigned to them.


First make sure you have an address field assigned to your list in MailChimp, the plugin needs this field enabled to work. Read the MailChimp Article Manage List and Signup Form Fields to learn how to add an address field to a list.

After you install the add-on, it will automatically be applied to any form that has an address field.

A form without the add-on installed

A form with the add-on installed

There are no settings for this add-on, the plugin just works automatically.