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What’s New in Easy Forms for Mailchimp v6.0.4 – v6.0.5

We’ve been busy adding new features and fixes to Easy Forms for Mailchimp! Here are some highlights.

Email Verification for Profile Updates

We’ve always allowed users to update their profiles when they try to sign up with email matching an email already subscribed to a list. However, this poses a security issue if someone uses another person’s email address on a form.

We added email verification to the process. Now if someone enters an email address that is already subscribed to the list, they will see a message asking them to click to send an email with a link to update their profile:



We’re always trying to make our forms better and better for multi-language use. We made a ton of improvements to the way special characters display in forms, the way addresses are displayed and the strings to better translate the plugin itself.

We have 7 language packs so far, if you’re a polyglot, please consider helping translate the plugin into your language. It’s easy via Glotpress.

Permanently Fixed SSL Errors

Some users were experiencing issues with forms on SSL. With the help of our users, we were able to put this issue to rest once and for all! We completely re-wrote the way the plugin connects to Mailchimp which not only resolved these issues, but it also decreased the overall plugin size by 200+ kb!

And a Lot More

Please take a look at our changelog to read a list of the various features and fixes we implemented recently.

We love making the plugin better and better for you all.

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