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What’s New in Easy Forms for Mailchimp v6.0.3.8

On January 29 we released version of Easy Forms for Mailchimp and it’s packed full of new features and fixes!

All New Form Settings Page

We added a new section to the Form Builder called “Form Settings” with settings you can adjust on a per form basis.

There you will find new options for the submit button, form tag and more!

One option we know people are going to love is Inline Forms. We’ve gotten a lot of requests from folks to have their form fields display horizontally instead of vertically. Now you can do that with this setting:

inline settings


New Shortcode Options

Horizontal Form Layout
Users can now specify if they want a form to display inline by using the inline=”1″ parameter in the shortcode.

Whoops, it looks like you forgot to specify a form to display.

The shortcode parameter will take precedence over the form setting.

Custom Descriptions
Inspired by a suggestion from one of our users, we added a new custom description parameter to the shortcode.

Whoops, it looks like you forgot to specify a form to display.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the typo in our check box integration filter from yikes-mailchimp-checkbox-integration-subscibe-api-request to yikes-mailchimp-checkbox-integration-subscribe-api-request.
  • Added missing $charset_collate variable when creating the database tables – which caused encoding issues with a few foreign characters.
  • Fixed foreign language character encoding, and storing in database as question marks.
  • Fixed date formats not storing properly when adding a date/birthday field to your form.
  • Fixed the form editor being hidden on medium-width screens.

To see a list of everything new in this release, visit our Changelog.


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